At Laworfiction we can now advise and represent clients throughout England and Wales.

If you require legal advice on any matter where you are affected lockdown or by the Government’s response to Covid-19, whether in relation to your work or complexities of Coronavirus regulations or anything else, please use this Initial Enquiry Form.

With Laworfiction you can be sure of expert advice from highly qualified lawyers that you know are on your side. We do not expect it normally to be helpful to give chapter and verse on the law but rather to give advice that you can understand and has practical context. and who will tell it straight. Of course, if you want chapter and verse, we can do that too.

If the matter is particularly urgent, please also alert us via emails to but please write ‘Urgent Advice Required’ in the subject heading with a short note of your query. We will do our best to assist if we can.

We will review the information you provide and email you to confirm a fixed fee for initial advice, usually by a telephone call to you and, as we may agree is appropriate, with short summary written advice.

Fees on initial advice query

To avoid an unmanageable flood of enquiries, we need to set our usual fee in dealing with any enquiry will usually be set at £348 including VAT. We expect this to allow us to cover most one off or ad hoc enquiries which can deal with via telephone advice and, where we cons8der appropriate, by limited summary advice in writing. Very little is straight forward in the current climate but if it appears likely that the query will be particularly short to answer, then exceptionally the fee may be reduced but to a minimum fee of £246 including VAT. In any event, the fee will be confirmed in advance and we will require payment before offering any advising.  

Fees on further advice or representation

If in our opinion there is no practical recourse for you through law, we will tell you. Where further work beyond the immediate advice may be justified, however, we will discuss hourly rates and further fees with you in more detail. Where appropriate we may also be happy to consider further fixed fee or alternative funding arrangements.  

Required regulatory information regarding fees in certain cases you may read more here 


We will not ask you for payment until we are able to speak to you within 2 working days. Once the fee payment is made, however, no refund will be given since this will be the trigger for us deploy resources in looking at your case.


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