Ain’t Just Whistling

There has never a been more important period in our history for workers and professionals to stand together and speak up together to defend rights and freedoms.  Workers who speak up, who ‘blow the whistle’ on what is going on, can gain protection for their jobs and income under whistleblower legislation.  

However, it takes courage to speak up. So we have thought carefully about what is needed to make sure you and we ain’t just whistling in the wind.

Three Steps for Courage

Uniquely through we are helping everyone to gain that courage through these three steps to take together.

  1. Finding others who want to speak up
  2. Getting a good understanding of legal rights
  3. Accessing expert legal advice and representation

We explain how below, but we can help

  • NHS doctors and nurses and other staff
  • Teachers and headteachers
  • University lecturers and students
  • Care home workers
  • Local authority workers
  • Anyone resisting mandatory masks, testing or vaccines
  • Anyone under threat of no jab no pay
  • Parents wanting to stand up for their children
  • Anyone wanting to stand with others to regain and preserve their individual freedom

Step 1 – find others

Register your interest by just providing your name and email address.


Completely free, you will be added to the mailing list and sent a short questionnaire (about 5 minutes to complete) for basic details about where you work, what you do and your concerns.  That information is held completely confidentially by us but we will be able to see where workers are gathered together. You may imagine you are alone but we may see tens or hundreds ready to stand with you in the same workplace.

Step 2 – subscribe to Ain’t Just Whistling

To help people gain confidence and a good understanding of legal rights, Ain’t Just Whistling is an online subscription service available through 

As a subscriber:

  • be eligible to access expert legal advice and representation as a client of Laworfiction at discounted fees (see below)
  • access template letters and detailed guidance in relation to dealing with issues such as
      • mandatory masks, testing and ‘vaccines’
      • protecting yourself in against disciplinary procedures
      • quarantine and holidays
      • other impacts of coronavirus regulations
  • get email notifications of updates
  • contribute to sharing resources to help in common causes

Step 3 – work with us

This is where the magic can happen. We can help coordinate workers in a way that the Unions have failed. 

As a client of Laworfiction(no fee commitment until agreed):

  • be eligible
  • find and join up with others in similar positions or with the same employers who wanting to speak up
  • control and protect the confidentiality of information you share (using solicitor/client legal privilege)
  • disclose protected information to us (see below)
  • access legal advice from experts in whistleblowing law
  • protect yourself against disciplinary processes
  • through the fee discount, more than recover your Ain’t Just Whistling subscription costs

Take Step 1 and register now for free. Nothing to lose and freedom to gain.

Why and how this works

Silence is dangerous

Terrible mistakes are often avoidable if people are free to speak up –  to ‘sound the alarm’ or ‘blow the whistle’ to stop or just draw attention to improper practices. Such was the tragic background to a series of scandals and disasters in the late 1980s and early 1990s including the Zeebruge ferry disaster, the 1988 Clapham Junction rail crash, the 1988 Piper Alpha oil rig explosion and various financial collapses.

As a result, the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 gave whistleblowing workers special protections against suffering any detriment or dismissal. These include not only the ability to prevent or overturn a dismissal but also to award unlimited compensation. In practice, however, the law in this area is complex and employment contracts and threats of disciplinary sanction are still being used to silence staff.

Resources from experts

As a subscriber to the Ain’t Just Whistling, you will be able access a growing resource of information giving you better of understanding of rights, the sort of information that can be very hard to find and law firms might usually charge a lot of money for. In addition, the resources will include detailed template letters that can be used to explain issues for you, and your employer, and to help you resist infringement of rights.

Unique protection, only possible through lawyers 

On becoming a client of Laworfiction you will be able to take advantage of ‘legal privilege’, a concept only existing with the legal profession. The effect of this is to give certain communications special protection so that disclosure – whether to employers, regulators, opponents in litigation or indeed any third party –  cannot be compelled. You can read more about it legal privilege and how it works, with an NHS doctor as an example, here.

Further support 

In appropriate cases we may also be able to access support from experts in public relations, media and other occupations relevant to assessing and controlling whistleblowing disclosures for maximum effect and protection.

Individual advice

*Hourly rates for from experienced lawyers are typically in the region of £200 to £450 plus VAT. To give you support, confidence and peace of mind when you need it, as a member you will have 25% discount off the first 2 hours assistance from experienced and highly qualified whistleblowing and employment law experts (including review of information received and telephone advice) subject to a minimum initial fee of £300 including VAT.


Laworfiction particularly avoids conflicting interests by taking a policy decision not to retain or take on as clients any health boards, universities, local or public authorities or other organisations whose principle work is carrying out a public function. However, in exceptional cases and where an employer is working on the side of retaining individual freedoms we are happy to consider instructions.


Take step 1. Register now for free and find your voice with others.