Legal action to stop coerced vaccines


Lawyers are doing nothing to stop your employer forcing you to have a vaccine.


We are doing something. Please take one minute to read about the case here and pledge your support. 

If you are facing an imminent threat if you won’t have a Covid vaccine, whether its the first or second dose, please register your interest on our Ain’t Just Whilstling page. Although this applies to all sectors, we immediately have the private healthcare sector in our sights for this test case. Register here and spread the word.



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33 thoughts on “Legal action to stop coerced vaccines”

  1. Hi. Thank you for this. My employer has stated they will not be implementing mandatory vaccinations, but this may change. I work in the building maintenance facilities management industry as an Electrician. Please keep me updated with your progress.

    Again, thank you.

  2. I am self employed and have run an exercise studio for 15 years. I refuse to require any clients or staff to have had the vaccine. It is their choice, as it is mine to make an informed decision based on personal risk. I don’t believe I should be coerced in any way to take this vaccination and I haven’t accepted it, despite my invitation to come forwards. I have always believed in being proactive using preventative measures, rather than cure wherever possible with my own health, through diet and lifestyle choices. On occasions when I am sick, as I have always done, I will isolate myself from others and am more than responsible enough to make that call, without interference from the state. I strongly disagree with any kind of Vaccine Passport, particularly domestic ones, in order to partake in society. It is wrong on so many levels and a hill I am willing to die on.

  3. I am a grandmother that feels totally gutted for the future of my children and grandchildren. I am retired myself but the thought of my family being coerced into a situation they do not want or would have chosen for themselves, fills me with utter dread. I myself have been vaccinated in the past and I have also vaccinated my children when it was their turn as youngsters. This completely new experiment is a crime against humanity as I see it and it needs to be stopped!

  4. I do not need to be told that to protect family and friends I need to have the vaccine. Those that wish to have the vaccine have already done so. I also am against vaccine passports as this is a form of blackmail telling people that they wont get their freedoms back until they’ve been jabbed. It is also disgraceful that employers are threatening workers who do not wish to be vaccinated with losing their jobs.

  5. The government may have shot themselves in the foot at the moment as far as I understand the limit of a payment in the event of death from the vaccine is £120,000.00 but surely if they introduce a vaccine passport that implies coercion on their part and must mean that there can be no limit imposed and they have given the pharmaceutical companies an indemnity which means the government have to pick up the tab

  6. I am someone who will not have a vaccine so fully support your action. Thank you for doing something about it!

  7. I nearly lost my job but I fought it as they couldn’t provide me written explanation or a new policy on the matter and I threatened legal action, I won I am back at work but many others in the country won’t have the fight I have so it needs stopping

  8. Excellent! Thank you so much for taking a stand on behalf on those who can’t. That’s hugely appreciated.

  9. I have great concerns regarding the use of vaccination and/or certificates of proof of vaccination or negative testing. I specifically remember the government ruling this out only a few months ago, but I realise the Government loves to love and betray the Tax payers! This is a terrible destruction of basic human rights as well as a removal of basic medical rights as originally set out at the Nuremberg code. The vaccines don’t stop you from getting Covid 19 or passing it on, so Covid passports make no sense to me, if I can see this surely a government can!
    All this talk about protecting women, I’ve never felt so unsafe in my life. We have a government in power hell bent on destroying my future, my children’s future and my Grandchildren’s future! I don’t remember voting for this.
    The government works for me, the tax payer isn’t it about time you started to listen to us? Most of the SAGE members support the communist regime and the country is been run by them. It’s absolutely terrifying and not what anyone voted for. We voted for a conservative government, but instead we’ve been dealt a Globalist regime.

    Do you think I’d call the police if I was scared or threatened? No I wouldn’t, the police are supposed to once again work and protect us, and they simply do not! I do not pay the police to take away my freedoms, I pay them to arrest people who deserve it! Most of the time you call the police and they do not come, but as soon as there’s a protest they’re there hurting women!

    If I got ill would I use the NHS? No I wouldn’t, why you may ask? Because the NHS haven’t been fit for purpose for many years, and they’re certainly not now. It is and has never been my responsibility to protect the NHS, they’re there to protect me, someone who has paid in her entire life, and never even used their services, you know why? I’m educated enough to take responsibility for my own health.

    If you rollout vaccine passports, I can only hope that everyone who opposes this type of discrimination and division leaves the country, and in turn this leaves the U.K. in ruins.

    Do you think my threatening my rights is more or less likely to make me take the vaccine?
    I hope you know the answer to this! I will never be bullied, shamed or threatened into doing anything I do not want to do.

    I suggest you think think very carefully about vaccine certification. I’m sick and tired of the Government constantly lying to me, and controlling my life. I do not and have never needed the governments permission to live. You can’t lock us all away forever, until you find a cure for death.
    You will learn sooner or later we simply we not stand for this. The government is an utter disgrace who are ruining our lives, closing down our businesses plunging us into debt.

    I never thought I would lose my freedoms, unfortunately this is the reality we now live.
    I however will never accept this! I will fight back until the day I die.



  10. Julie Anne Garratt

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is awesome news. I would love to support you any way possible.

  11. Michael Gallagher

    My doctor has contacted me 7 times now to take the vaccine I will never surrender

  12. I do not want to be coerced into having a vaccination I do not trust, such as illnesses and blood clots that has been reported by doctors and specialists in this profession and has been considered as a trial , I don’t think it’s ethical or fair that in anyway that you lose your rights to control your own life.

  13. Yes, I have evidence of being coerced. I have now received the first vaccine and feel very unwell, so the doctor has signed me off. Will not receive full pay for this. I am also so very upset, as with the vaccine containing aborted fetal tissue, goes strongly against my beliefs as I am a Catholic.

  14. Christine Jones

    If you tolerate this your children will be next What kind of future are we giving them This is just the start of a tyrannical move by our leaders worldwide to infringe our basic human rights and freedoms fought for by our forefathers who would be disgusted and ashamed at our compliance in these communistic behaviours
    Thank you to all involved in this fight for freedom
    You most definitely will be on the right side of history and give hope to millions worldwide

  15. Gillian Hepburn

    I never took flu jab in 2019. Used vitamin D zinc and vitamin c first year not getting bad chest infection
    And was definitely not getting covid vaccine. I volunteer with vulnerable people so felt I had to get it. After getting the vaccine the Oxford one I felt really unwell with a chest infection. Really sore head. Was in bed for 4 days. I am definitely not having 2nd one.too many people having side effects

  16. Victoria anderson

    I work in regulation and have refused the jab and its recorded on my record. My manager has been great and I haven’t been pressured yet

  17. I am a dental nurse working in a private practice. Most of the workers (apart from 3, including me) feel it is a moral duty as a health care worker that we take this new vaccine. However, I feel the opposite, my health is my own responsibility and if I choose to let my own strong immune system handle any virus, then that is up to me as an individual. I feel that the threat of loosing my job due to not taking a medication is now becoming real, if not by my bosses then definitely by members of the public expecting us all to have had the vaccine.
    There is a family history of cardio myopathy, strokes and blood clots. As of which, my grandmother died of a very young age 45. How can there possibly be a one size fits all?

  18. I’m a ca at Tesco plus union rep I’ve told usdaw I’m not having the 💉and they said as far as they know it’s not for able but I don’t believe them , they are big corporate and they have done everything the government required . If this happens I’ll loose my job as I won’t have it .

  19. I am a care home manager and the pressure is mounting amid the threat of mandating the jab in order to maintain my job. I will forgo my job – with no alternative – if this becomes rhe case, a scenario I do not wish to see come to fruition.

  20. Francis Gomollon

    Hi..Was wondering where all the good lawyers were hiding, so good to know,
    You only have to see what’s happening in Israel and south africa to know how far the uk will go..
    Theres a wealth of information out there that shows this is a plandemic..I also know of another court case coming up with lawyers, barristers and backed up with prominent judges and civil servants within the house of that’s all good news too..I thank you for your integrity and being a human being first and foremost..

  21. Siobhan McMillan

    Hi there,
    I wish to discuss an issue that has arisen when I looked for a job locally and it stated vaccination status including if required and employee’s on going agreement to have other vaccines administered plus regular pcr testing. I made contact to discuss further and literally was told no jab no job. The lady whom I spoke to refused to listen to any of my concerns and said that’s their policy don’t apply for the job etc

  22. News has just come in to say that the European Court of Human Rights has said that compulsory vaccinations are legal and made be needed in future in democratice countries! How is this not a breach of basic human rights and against the Nuremberg Code, because if what Robert Kennedy Jnr said some time ago, no trials have been carried out on any vaccines, so they are all experimental!

  23. I would like some advice for an assement interview I am to have with my employer in the next week. They want to do a ‘risk assement ‘ with me as I have turned down theJab and I may be the only employer who has.
    Would like to be prepared.

  24. Linda Blackwood

    It’s an experimental Vaccine, which should not be Mandatory in the work place as this is not in work contract when you start work. We should have freedom of choice, my body my choice. The Nuremberg code 1947 states this which is still stands today.

  25. The UK Government is proposing to make COVID-19 Vaccines a condition of ‘deployment’ in (Older) Adult Care Homes… which ultimately could lead to NO JAB, NO PAY – by law!

    Please have your say, the workforce must be heard by completing this public survey…

    This relates to all who work in care homes, care workers, kitchen staff, cleaners, volunteers and visiting people in ‘direct’ contact e.g: hairdressers, health professionals, friends or family as ‘essential care givers’
    There intention is to change the law and quickly! This is your chance to speak before the vaccination becomes mandatory. Closing date is Friday 21st May 2021.

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