Eyebrows can be threaded from 13 July (but they always could….)


Professional beauty treatments have been unlawful since beginning of lockdown and remain restricted.


Salons have been restricted for nail, beauty and hairdressing services since the start of lockdown. Mobile services have never been restricted. Read below, cut and pasted from an early post but, for hairdressers, read beauticians and nail artists.  From 13th July, however, the law is amended again in England even to allow salons to open without restriction.

As for salons choosing to adopt social distancing and wearing of masks, these other posts may help:

Along with various other premises, hairdressing salons were required to close from 4pm on 26th March 2020.  They also had to cease the business so that, for example, they could not to continue to serve their clients if that, as would be likely, would mean the business was continuing.

By definition, however, mobile hairdressers do not operate a salon.  They are not included in the schedule of premises and businesses required to close. No restriction was placed on them continuing to visit their clients’ homes as usual.  Of course, those who represent hairdressing salons may have a vested interest in telling you otherwise.

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Nail and beauty salons remain restricted, but hairdressing salons are free to resume business from 11 July 2020, except that social distancing is required as a matter of law and regard must be had to Welsh Government guidance. Mobile services are the same as in England.


Warning: Law and circumstances can change very quickly.  Please note the date of publication of any blog post and check for any updates on the issues addressed. In any event, we do not condone or encourage breaching the law and neither the above nor any information posted on this website constitutes legal advice. It must not be relied upon as such and specialist legal advice should be taken in relation to specific circumstances. Please read our disclaimer.

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6 thoughts on “Eyebrows can be threaded from 13 July (but they always could….)”

  1. So if a beauty salon does do eyebrow treatments, they aren’t actually breaking the law? Its all so confusing!

    1. We might all complain to our MPs about that. It’s confusing because the messages from politicians and media spread are, to say the least, inaccurate. Please read home page and other posts on the laworfiction.com site and please follow and share on twitter.

  2. Yes very confusing! I am a brow stylist and am trying to find out whether its the law or if its guidance that we cannt carry out face treatments? I have done covid 19 health and safety courses and received a certificate and I always followed hygiene protocol within my beauty room. I just don’t want to get into trouble for doing these treatments!

    1. If you are willing and your customer is willing, you don’t have to wear masks or social distance and you can, if you like, give each other a hug before setting about the face treatments. It is guidance only that suggests otherwise. Good money to be made from selling covid 19 H&S courses, but look at the previous post the laworfiction blog. See also the ‘fast passes for the brave’ post. Good luck.

  3. Hello. Do you have any info about body piercing allowances please. We think we know the rules but could you confirm what we can and cannot do, legally. Thank you so much. Sarah.

  4. I don’t have a twitter account but I saw you asked for the one point you would use to confine people.


    Adjusted for population growth over the past 27 years, this “pandemic” is only 8th.
    And that includes the 20k or so unfortunate old people who were in hospital sick at the beginning, who were then kicked out to die in the care home with no doctors visiting them.
    In addition to 10-15k excess deaths not reported due to lockdown itself and not CV

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