Do employees have to wear masks?

The answer to this question is now here: Time to blow the whistle on shops


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1 thought on “Do employees have to wear masks?”

  1. I was sent home from work as my employer said that anxiety and panic attacks were not a reasonable excuse and I needed a doctors note. The doctor simply stated all we would give you is a print out of the government website, which I already had. I informed my employer I felt I was being discriminated against and now everybody I work with is aware of my condition. Have they violated my rights or broke any laws?
    My Trade Union will not refer me to their employment solicitor.
    Please could you Email me some information.
    This is really stressful and they have sent me home even though I am fit to work.
    I did purchase a light weight visor which I could work in effectively enough but It was stolen. The ones they supply cause me anxiety and panic attacks. Is this classed as PPE as I’m having to source my own?
    Any advice would be most helpful.

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