Laworfiction Advice Services

In response to demand for legal advice we offer the following services:

Telephone Advice – coming soon

Tell us what you want to know and we will call you back to offer expert advice.  Read more.

Whistleblowers Safe Space

Through the Laworfiction Advice Service we provide a unique facility for professionals to control their disclosures, to gain strength in numbers and facilitate whistleblowing with confidence. Read more.

Letter hosting

To support campaigns of public interest, we offer a facility to host letters for signing by private or public groups of signatories. We can help ensure a critical mass of signatories is gathered before publication so that individuals need not fear standing alone. Everyone who signs can trust that their personal details will not be disclosed (except where clearly agreed) and will not be used for any other purpose.

Current letters:

  • Doctors and healthcare professionals letter of concern (vaccination)