The law of Lockdown 2.0 (from Nov 5th)

Fiction: Lockdown is good for the nation’s health and follows an impact assessment. Law: From 5th November 2020 England dispenses with tiers and moves on with The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 4) Regulations 2020. The regulations as made will cease to have effect after 28 days. By this stage, the various regulations settled […]

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Lockdown ‘law’ in NW England is a fiction

Fiction: New lockdown laws have been put in place in NW England. Law: Leaving aside the issue of face covering, nothing has actually changed since ‘independence day’ on 4th July. At that point the government revoked the lockdown restrictions almost in entirety. They left a reducing list of businesses required to stay closed and, otherwise,

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Lower prices and no queues here

Fiction: Businesses don’t have a choice about imposing social distancing and other Coronavirus measures. Law: Subject to consideration of health and safety risk assessments as mentioned below, businesses can choose to impose some, all possible or no social distancing measures at all. They can offer dual service provision, directing those worried about Coronavirus to the

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Welcome to Wales

Fiction: Lockdown relaxations you read in news and social media apply to England and Wales. Law: Wales is very significantly different from England. Unreported by the media, quietly at 6:00 p.m. on Friday 10th July the Wales Assembly Government revoked its lockdown restrictions almost in entirety and replaced them with a “No. 2” set by

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Risk assessments: an important chink in the lockdown armour

Fiction: Health and safety obligations require social distancing measures to be imposed in the workplace and businesses generally. Law: Guidance is generally unenforceable but, as a matter of legal obligation, employers and controllers of premises are required to undertake evidence-based health and safety risk assessments. If there is no evidence of a significant danger, no

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Devolution confusion

Fiction: It’s not confusing at to have separate legislation for Wales.  (Okay, only those who promote devolution think this.) Law: Anyone looking at law in Wales has to consider UK legislation.  Anyone looking at UK/English legislation has to look at Wales legislation if they if they may be travelling to or dealing with someone in

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